graphic designer


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My name is Dallas

I enjoy some weird stuff like glitch art and really bad horror movies. But more importantly, I am a graphic designer with a focus in print media and production design.

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Outside the box.

Somewhat of a McGyver, I am used to working with whatever is around me and making the most of what I have. Because of that, my thought process is somewhat different than other designers. 

Print is home.

In the age of digital media and art, I still feel most at home with a physical product. There's something about literally digging your hands into your work that, to me, feels like I'm truly telling a story to the viewer.

The Three Eyed Sophie_crop.jpg

Puzzle me this.

I've always loved puzzles. Put a problem in front of me to solve and I'll dive in head first. I have always enjoyed print media over other formats because it's a constant puzzle to combine the right mediums and techniques to make your art stand out.

Learning constantly.

I grew up with a drive to be a part of any art I could get my hands on, from set construction to photography to video editing and so much more. All this has made me realize that every experience affects how people create in their own unique methods.