graphic designer

HPRGraphics Designs

Prop Packaging and Graphics

A collection of packaging and publication art; created while working at the Hand Prop Room in Los Angeles, CA. Click on image thumbnails to view the full design of each item.

Food Packaging

Stock food and candy packaging created for HPR Graphics. Includes labels for candy, meat, chips, sauces, and more.


Various beverages and storage cases created for the HPR Graphics stock library.

Publications and Ads

Magazine covers, advertisements, and other miscellaneous publications such as books, box art, posters, etc.

Non-Food Packaging

Stock non-food packaging created for HPR Graphics. Includes cleaning products, personal care, and other miscellany.

Recreations and Look-Alike Designs

The images here are assorted packaging which I was tasked with recreating from research. Images with titles in “quotations” are feel-alikes of existing brands with their names altered.